The quarel between the French and Italian styles in music was a main theme throughout the entire reign of King Louis XIV (1638-1715) and after his death it became so big that it lead to the «Querelle des Bouffons» opposing the philosopher Voltaire to the composer Rameau. The irony was that the French style’s hero was the Italian-born Jean-Baptiste Lully (Gian Battista Lulli) who quickly became the King’s official composer, while the Italian style’s champion was the French Marc-Antoine Charpentier.

Most musicians found thenselves involved in this battle against their will, they believed that their style transcended a battle that opposed their partisans in the Court and in the newspapers. In 1724, Couperin composed Les Gouts Reunis to demonstrate how he could merge both styles.

Alan Choo artistic director of Red Dot Baroque invites us throughout this concert to discover some pieces of authentic French , Italian-inspired and fusion styles.

Watch a highlight of the concert here